What are 100% Pure HCG Drops and Where to Purchase Them?

It is impossible to have studied history but not have heard about the world famous Koh-i-noor (‘Mountain of light’) diamond. For those jealous people who might declare it a fake and an imitation of a far more opulent and popular stone, sadly, it is not a fake or an imitation, because it is a genuine jewel, a jewel so very precious and powerful that it has brought both prosperity and ruin upon empires.

However, the same cannot be said of most of the products sold or available in the market, be it dresses, be it convenience items like toiletries, etc., or be it medical products like protein supplements or weight loss products.

HCG Purity

Indeed, the number of genuine products has come down to such an alarming quantity that people prefer buying most things online or over the internet, instead of trying it out at an actual physical store nearby.

The same can be said to be the case with HCG drops.

Before we continue, we would like to tell you all about HCG drops, that is, what they are, what they do and also, very briefly and succinctly, about their pros and cons.

What are HCG Drops??

HCG drops are Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops, which essentially help in reducing weight, that is, they aid in the weight-loss of a person by acting on the body’s fat content, that is, the HCG hormone oxidizes the fat present in the body  to release the energy present in the fat deposits.

HCG Pros and Cons

Some of its pros are:-

  1. It prevents the future fat growth
  2. It improves the overall physique of the consumer
  3. It reduces the appetite
  4. It restricts hunger pangs (caused due to the low-calorie intake)


Some of its cons are:-

  1. The consumer can’t exercise while he/she is on the HCG diet
  2. It is not wholly supported or accepted by the medical community
  3. It cannot perform the function of weight loss alone
  4. It induces nausea, headaches, vomiting etc.


Pre-purchase pointers:


However, worry not for with this article we are going to tell you where you can purchase 100% HCG drops.

However, as with any other product, we have a few pointers which we would like you to watch out for before purchasing HCG drops.


  • The drops should be of a pharmaceutical grade, that is, they should be the purest form of HCG.
  • The drops should have been manufactured in the United States of America
  • The drops should be FDA (Federal Drug and Administration) approved.


Sources of the products


Obviously, such products will have certified or recognized sellers, right?
We have represented the list of these sellers below:-

  1. HCG Triumph
  2. HCG Complex




As of now, these are the only two drugs of any known repute or of critical acclaim which are dominating the market at present because of their sterling qualities.  Therefore, we hope we have been helpful with regard to the purchase of 100% pure HCG drops.

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