Things You Need to Know About 1200 Calorie Diet

The HCG diet was created initially to offer help to individuals who had serious obesity problems and were at risk of getting serious lifestyle diseases and complications. It not only promotes weight loss but also health by fusing the HCG hormone and healthy dieting habits. The strict nature of the HCG diet is what really determines its success and it is comparable to the 1200 calorie diet in many ways. Both diets are strict on eating habits and when incorporated they actually do work wonders

What Is The 1200 Calorie HCG Diet?

This version of the HCG plan is suitable for people with active lifestyles and would still want to lose weight. It could be that one is working during the day or they want to keep working out during weight loss and for those who don’t want to lose weight extremely fast. Unlike the normal restricted HCG diet the 1200 calorie one is more flexible with allowances of snacks, though healthy ones to provide the user with energy and to replenish the used up supplies.

What Are Some Of The Foods That Are Recommended For This?

Some of the foods or snacks that must be consumed are egg and turkey sandwich salads, condiments that lack fat, light and fatless mayonnaise, crackers made of whole wheat, light yoghurt, brown rice, chicken, pickle-relish mustard, oatmeal, skim milk, oil-less tuna, salmon, grapes, apples, mixed nuts, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese that is low in fat, pasta made from whole grains and any other healthier options that have less of fat, oil and sugar.

What Are The Benefits It Offers?

One can lose weight and still maintain eating foods they like though these must be healthy options that have been thought through. The calorie intake must be low and this way results are quickly guaranteed and motivational. It can be flexibly combined with special nutrition and diet habits. This diet needs organization and discipline. One can try out different menus and varieties daily with new textures, smells and flavors to provide motivation so long as the options are healthy.

It is easier to work with alongside the HCG drops for faster results and the good thing is that a patient is in charge of their own menu. The HCG hormone in this situation serves as an accelerator of the whole weight loss process.

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Helpful Tips

It allows consumption of five minute little meals on a daily basis. Water and healthy fluids must be taken constantly. The body needs approximately two liters of water to keep the process going smoothly and the body hydrated. Foods can be flavored using fresh seasonings and spices. This diet relies greatly on food choices and HCG drops but not exercises as with other HCG diet plans. One must consult a nutritional doctor or specialist before choosing any diet or this one in particular since it calls for a good health history and one must be in good condition. It can be harmful for those suffering from serious conditions since the body is somewhat denied. It needs a lot of diet commitment and sacrifice.

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